Strečno, castle (ruin)

Place: Strečno, County: Žilina, Region: Žilina , Historic region: Trencin

Other names

Strečniansky hrad, 1316 castrum de Strechun, 1384 castrum Strechyn, 1438 Streczen, Streczan

Brief description

The castle is first mentoned in the reign of Matúš Čák as a bigger center. It was built turn of 13th and 14th century, probably at an older base. As a royal property was held at the beggining of 15th century by queens Barbora and later Elizabeth. In 1444 - 1469 was property of Pongrác clan from Liptovský Mikuláš, then it was changing owners rapidly. In 17th century the castle was giving refuge to Thokoly uprising. Therefore outer walls of the castle were destroyed by the empire army of Leopold I. in 1698. Strečno is in ruins since then.


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On the cliff on the left bank of the river Váh after Strečno pass of Váh through Malá Fatra mountains, altitude about 420 meters.

3D hrady

Hrad Beckov

Kamenní strážcovia III

Malé Karpaty 1935


The castle lies near which leads over the ridge of the mountains Malá Fatra. Access is posible from railroad station in the village Nezbudská Lúčka. By aside of the river Váh to the crossroad with . Through the river up the valley to the castle. From the castle is a nice view to Strečno pass with a ruin of Starý hrad (Old Castle).

Strečno in media

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Považské museum in Žilina - Strečno castle

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