Nitriansky hrad, castle (preserved)

Place: Nitra, County: Nitra, Region: Nitra , Historic region: Nitra

Other names

Nitra, 1138 castrum Nitra, 1216 Nitria, 1226, 1301 Nitriense

Brief description

The castle was built on a place of an older Slavic strong-hold from 9th century. After the fire in 1271 its fortifications were repaired. It was rebuilt in Gothic style in first third of 15th century, in Renessaince in 16th century and in baroque in 18th century. Today there is a residence of the Institute of Archeology of Slovak Academy of Sciences and a residence of a bishop.


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On a hillock in the center of Nitra, altitude 220 meters

3D hrady

Hrad Beckov

Kamenní strážcovia III

Malé Karpaty 1935


By bus or by train to Nitra. Through the city center to the castle.

Nitriansky hrad in media

Pod hradom robia zábrany
SME, 4. November 2005

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Názvy hradov a zámkov v Slovenskej republike
Slovenský úrad geodézie a kartografie. Bratislava. 1990