Bratislava castle, castle (preserved)

Place: Bratislava, County: Bratislava, Region: Bratislava, Historic region: Bratislava

Other names

Bratislavsky hrad, Bratislava; 907 Braslavepurch, Brezalauspurc, 1002 Poson, 1042 Prezesburg, 1045 Bosenburg, 1048 Brecesburg; Hung. Pozsony, Ger. Pressburg, old Slovak.. Prešporek, Prešporok; (Bratislava castle)

Brief description

A Gothic castle which is known from the 10th century, but the castle hill was inhabited also in the Celtic and the Great Moravian era. In the middle of the 16th century, Bratislava became the official coronation town for Hungarian Kings and at the castle there was a residence of the king. Later, the castle was rebuild in a Renaissance style. The south-west tower - also known as the jewel's tower - housed the Hungarian coronation jewels for two centuries.The last large reconstruction in Baroque style took place under the reign of Maria Theresia (1740-1780). In 1811, the castle was burnt down and only ruins were left. It was reconstructed in 1956-68. Bratislava Castle is an important landmark and a National Cultural Monument.


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In the center of Bratislava, on the hill above the river Danube, altitude 150 meters.

3D hrady

Hrad Beckov

Kamenní strážcovia III

Malé Karpaty 1935


From the main railway station:
By bus No. 81 or 93 to the stop Hodzovo nam. Then by trolleybus No. 203 or 207 to the stop Zamocka or Hrad.

From the bus station:
By bus No. 70 to the terminal Novy most. Then on foot to the castle.

From M. R. Stefanik airport:
By bus No. 61 to the stop Karpatska. The by trolleybus No. 203 to the stop Zamocka or Hrad.

Bratislava castle in media

O Hrad na Slovensku nesúťažíme
SME, 19. December 2008
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SME, 24. May 2007
Hradnú lanovku chcú dať mestu
SME, 5. October 2005
Lanovka na hrad má byť o rok
SME, 3. October 2005

Nearby castles

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Názvy hradov a zámkov v Slovenskej republike
Slovenský úrad geodézie a kartografie. Bratislava. 1990